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I do think available bbq is a solid decision-making parameter

Don’t get me wrong — I love the book reviewers. But I love the bloggers MORE, because they have no filters, and let’s face it, who do you want to sit next to at a party. Here are some lovely online mentions of the book over the weekend:

From Librarian Avengers:

If I suffered from Pageant-Mom syndrome and wanted to create an exact replica of myself from the raw material of some random pre-teen girl, I would begin my narcissistic experiment in literary manipulation by having her read all of the books celebrated in Shelf Discovery.

And from The Hoyden! (Exclamation point mine):

I also want Lizzie to be my friend because she is, under her full name, a poet with huge gifts with language (just making a gift package featuring her “Bells” to my long distance sweetie RIGHT NOW) and when I e-mailed her for real to beg that she come to my town on her tour, she e-mailed right back to ask if Louisville had good barbeque.


Thank-you blogosphere!

August 10th, 2009 at 1:55 pm